Commercial Register

Commercial Register No.385698.

Egyptian Financial
Supervisory Authority.

Authorization No. (448) issued by the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority.

Promotion and underwriting of securities.

Promotion and underwriting of securities

Registration in FRA - Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority

Registration No (1718) in the financial consultants register of FRA - Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority

Registered in the Nile Stock Exchange

Registered in the Register of Accredited Sponsors of Small-Scale Companies on the Nile Stock Exchange under No. 7

Egyptian Stock Exchange

Certified Agent under the Egyptian Stock Exchange No. 180.

Mr. Nasr Abou Al Abbas

He is the Chairman and founder of PIB. He is an expert on accounting and tax planning & advisory in Egypt and the MENA region. 

Mr. Ahmed Nasr

joined PIB in 2008 and has since managed several high-value financial advisory and investment banking deals.  

Mr. Mahmoud Fouada

He has more than 10 years of experience in corporate finance, investment banking